More Than a “Nappy Headed Negro”

“Do not remove the kinks from your hair– remove them from your brain.”                                                                                                      -Marcus Garvey 

I’ve got a newsflash… the hair that grows out of the head of most, if not all black people is curly. I know this comes as a surprise to many considering the ignorance going around about Gabby Douglas and her hair.

It’s incredulous  to me that people are “going in” on her hair when she is making history. It’s amazing to me that we are quick to say black lives matter, but then cut down someone doing something so big over something so trivial.

I suppose it was different when Don Imus called Rutger’s women’s basketball team “Nappy headed hos”? The uproar from his words was not minuscule. Yet here we are so many years later ridiculing our own people in a similar manner. Make sense? Not at all.

As a young girl, I remember worrying about things like this. I particularly remember being in color guard and worrying that someone on the other team would see my edges and comment because I was due for a relaxer. It wasn’t my own teammates I was worried about, they were all caucasian and had no clue about relaxers, it was the opposing teams I worried about.

Anyone who has ever had a relaxer, hair pressed out or anything of the sort knows those things and water don’t mix well. This woman goes out and does strenuous work where I’m sure she sweats, so you tell me how you expect her edges to stay laid. More importantly, tell me why the hell does it even matter?

Seems to me that this stems from self-hate. So ashamed of what naturally grows from our head. So much so that instead of acknowledging the barriers she is breaking that people are cutting her down. We are constantly trying to prove ourselves to the world and progress, so why are we having to prove ourselves to ourselves?

Instead of tweeting about her hair, we should be spreading positivity about her accomplishments. In a day in age where it is as scary as ever to be black in America seeing someone succeed should be a win for everyone. It should be a motivation that we can achieve excellence despite the struggles we face.




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Second Big Chop | Tapered Cut

After much debate I made the plunge. I did my second big chop. After searching YouTube and Pinterest I became obsessed with the tapered cut look.

Many people have asked me why I cut it. The one true and simple answer is I was tired of it and lazy. I was wearing it in a terrible bun most days. I was not moisturizing, twisting at night, deep conditioning or anything. I was simply neglecting it. In return it was very unhealthy and had many split ends and knots. I wanted to start fresh and I wanted something low maintenance, at least for a while. So here it is.

If you have any questions about what I am doing to it now feel free to leave a comment below with any questions.

pre big chop, second big chop, tapered cut, natural hair
A picture from my snapchat @laneeslane before I went into the salon.
BIg chop, second big chop, natural hair, tapered cut
A picture from my snapchat @laneeslane during the cutting process.
Second Big Chop, 2nd big chop, Tapered cut, natural hair, natural hair tapered cut
My first time styling it after I got it cut. I did a twist out on the top and moisturized the back to make my curls pop.

Side view of tapered cut, second big chop, big chop, natural hair

Second Big Chop, 2nd big chop, Tapered cut, natural hair, natural hair tapered cut

Check out my video with more details on my experience below!

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Eco Natural Curl ‘N Styling Cocktail

i’ve been know to walk up and down the isles of stores looking for things I don’t need. I was wondering around the isles of Dollar General one day and I ran into three natural hair products that peeked my interest. Two have become staples in my hair product collection.  I’m pretty sure that the Eco natural Curl ‘N Styling Cocktail is not new, but it is new to me and I LOVE it! Natural Hair Eco Natural Cocktail

For one, the amount of moisture in the product is amazing. I have been using the loc method when using it and my hair stays moisturized all day which is a true accomplishment for my hair. It has taken my twist out game to a whole new level. Before this product I struggled to get a good twist out. With this product I get a nice twist out that can last me several days. Eco Natural Eco Styler cocktail

I did a full review and demo over on my Youtube Channel. Check it out to see the full results of the product!

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