Book Review: Me Before You


Amazing does not even describe this book. I read Me Before You by Jojo Moyers a few months ago, and I still think about it.

This story follows the life of Lou and Will. Lou’s boss shuts down the cafe she worked at and she loses her job. After trying a few positions and going to several different interviews, she answers an ad for a care assistant.

After thinking she completely bombed the interview, Lou gets the job. She is surprised to find the man she is caring for is not only young, but handsome. Will was hit by a car that left him quadriplegic. Since his accident he has a negative outlook on life. He has lost his will to live.

Will and Lou don’t get along in the beginning. Lou is able to chip away at Will’s walls. They are able to build a beautiful friendship and each began to love each other in their own ways.

Lou finds out that her job is more than just to be a care giver to Will. Will her love be enough?  That is the question and the answer will unfold as you read it. This story is one of love and, I think, a coming of age story. Make sure you have some tissues because the story is going to take you for an emotional roller coaster ride.

This is one of the best books I have ever read. The story and characters still cross my mind months later. I look forward to reading more of her books. I would give this story a solid 10/10.

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Book Review: Captivated by You

I am an avid reader, and I happen to love Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series. I pre- ordered2014-11-27 19.04.09 it months ago so that it would automatically download to my Kindle on November 18th.

This book took a turn from the other Crossfire books. Instead of solely being told from the main character Eva’s point of view, it gave us a look at things from Gideon’s perspective.

I have to admit that this was not my personal favorite of the series. Where the other books had a lot of action and things moving the story forward, this was rather slow. it seems that they focused on a lot of the daily mundane things in life.

Although the book wasn’t as action packed as the rest of the series, it did give us a better insight into their relationship. Eva and Gideon have been together for only a few month. Despite the length of their relationship they are already married, and have a high dependency on one another.

In Captivated by You Gideon tries to protect Eva from anything that could harm her. While Eva wants Gideon to open up and tell her things. She feels like he shuts her out and does not allow her to share in decisions that concern herself.

The introduction of Gideon’s POV really does help the reader to better understand him. He finally begins to open up about his past. We see a more vulnerable Gideon, which adds to his appeal.

Although the story slowed down in Captivated by You, there were certainly huge milestones. We hear about Cary and his love triangle. He has a baby on the way with Tatiana. Trey, the boyfriend he is trying to maintain a relationship with, is in the dark about the pregnancy for most of the book. Gideon himself has made huge leaps emotionally.

All in all the book was still a good read. It was not my favorite in the series, but I did still like the progress Eva and Gideon made. I think that this book helped in the over all understanding of Eva and Gideon. I would give the overall book an 8/10.

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I’ve written many things and started several blogs. In fact I started this blog back in 2011. I just never actually posted anything to it. I was surprised when I went to create an account and it informed me that I already had one. I was then impressed by my ability to remember all the information to get into it. Now that I’m here I plan on using this on a much more consistent basis. I won’t let years go by before I write another post.

What brought me back here is what gave me the idea for the first post title. Changes. I have endured a lot of changes recently. I got engaged, I quit my job, and I moved about 500 miles away from home. Those aren’t just changes, those are big changes. I was very much scared to quit my job without another prospect lined up, but sometimes things are out of your control. I mean I wanted to move, but circumstances kind of sped up the process. My fiance and I have had one heck of a year leading up to this. So this was a new start for us. A chance for us to branch out and try to really live life. Where I’m from there isn’t a lot of opportunity. That is how I got 500 miles away from home, and back to this blog. I figured with a new fresh start that I am going to really pursue my passion. My passion has been writing since before I was even in high school. I studied Journalism in college, and although I have yet to land a job in the field, I have interned and freelanced. For a while I forgot what my passion really was, had given up on it really. Now that we are starting over and fresh I am going to try and make my own opportunity. This blog is the beginning. I plan on writing about a lot of different things. I will write about make-up,nails, wedding planning, books, and my new city and experiences. I hope to keep the content interesting, informative, and real.

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