So, You Want to Move

Hey Ladies and Gents!

“You should never quit a job without a new one.” Have you ever heard this before? I know I have many times, and it is something I have always lived by…until recently. If you have read my about me section then you may know that I just recently made a move from the midwest to the south. I quit my job of almost three years and moved. I was really unhappy, and this was a complete leap of faith that I needed. So, I thought I would give you some of my thoughts and advice about making a big move.

  1. Save– My first tip would be to save. When you are moving to a new state it is expensive. You have to think about the cost of a moving truck, whether you drive the truck yourself like we did or if you hire a moving company. Then you have to think about the cost of living like rent, food, gas, and monthly bills. If you are like me, who did not have a job immediately going into it, then your savings is very important. You can never save too much when moving, even if you have a job lined up.
  2. Apply for jobs early- So this kind of goes with saving money, but making sure you apply before you get there. When I was getting ready to move I did a lot of research about the job market where i was going. I would suggest doing research and going ahead and applying for positions.You may be worried about not being local for interviews, but don’t worry about that. Just apply. Sometimes it takes a long time for companies to get back to you about positions. So if you wait until you get there to get serious about looking for a job, you maybe jobless for a while.
  3. Be humble-  You may not get your dream job right away. Part of the move is about being fearless and trying new things. If you have to take an odd job while you wait for something more your speed then do that. The great thing is you will get to interact with people in a place where you may not know anyone. You will also be getting out and experiencing the people of the city.
  4. Stay positive- I myself have struggled with this in my move. Like i said, sometimes it takes time to find a job, you may miss your family, you may even start to miss your hometown. It can be hard to adjust to new things, but try to remember why you moved. Life is too short to not explore and live. Try to enjoy the newness of your new city or town. Remember that this doesn’t have to be your permanent home, you can move again to another new place if your current place isn’t what you want.

You only have one life to live so don’t be afraid to live it. Sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone and just live.  Since my own personal move I have been inspired to truly follow some of my dreams. I probably wouldn’t have started and really pursued my blog if I hadn’t moved. I also wouldn’t be taking my book writing as seriously.  Bottom line, don’t be afraid to actually live, dream, and live your dream.

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Review of e.l.f.’s Makeup Lock & Seal

Hello again!

Today I thought I would review a product that I have had for a while, but had not used yet. As you can probably guess by the title, I tried out e.l.f.’s Makeup Lock & Seal. This product is designed to help prolong the wear of your makeup and it helps intensify some colors that are otherwise fair.


The product come in a bottle that has a dropper like top. It also had a container to put the medium in, and a brush to mix and apply if you would like. I did a swatch of three different colors that I have. I used two e.l.f. baked eye shadows, and one Mac pigment.

potential pic

Here is a picture of swatches of e.l.f. Baked shadows. The top is the color Toasted. The left side is the color on its own, and the right is the color with the e.l.f. Lock & Seal. The bottom is an e.l.f. baked shadow in the color Pixie. The swatch on the left is the color on its own, where the right is with the Lock & Seal.

Mac Rose

Above is a swatch of a Mac pigment in the color Rose. Again, the left is the color on it’s own. To the right is the color with the Lock & Seal. I was really impressed with how the Lock & Seal made the colors pop. Unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to test how long the colors lasted with the Lock & Seal. I did try to wipe it off with just my finger and it did not transfer.

Over all I thought it was a great product. It really added some pop to colors that would normally barely show up. It also appeared to keep makeup in place for a longer lasting look.

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Pretty in pink nail look

I did a simple pink nail look yesterday and I thought I would share.use for blog I started with Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails nail hardener. I have really thin, flimsy nails so I started to use this as a base coat recently. It gives my nails some strength, which seems to help them grow.

For my main color I used another Sally Hansen product. It is their Complete Salon Manicure in the color Back to the Fuchsia (such an adorable name). I really like this particular type of nail polish because it is just such a good quality nail polish, and I love that it dries shiny. I still use a top coat for shine and to help with longevity.

I also wanted to try the Salon Perfect nail polish pictured above. I have had it for a while, but I have yet to use it. It is in the color Shocked. It has small pink, blue, and a few purple dots in it. I used it over the top of the pink as an accent.

I topped it all off with Seche Vite’s top coat. it adds some awesome shine to your nails. It is also a fast drying top coat which is always an added bonus.  I always use product by Essie, which isn’t pictured, called Quick-E. They are drops that help dry your nails super quick. I love it because I am always guilty of painting my nails either before bed and ruining them, or right before I plan on doing something. It is a little expensive, but totally worth it in my opinion.

Her is a picture of the final look:

use for blog 2

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New Skin Care Products

I recently decided to change up my skin care regiment a bit. In the past I have not been the most consistent with my skin care. I would say that I have decent skin. I do have a few blemishes from time to time, but usually nothing really major.

What I do have is really oily skin and dark spots. I was in the store, and I was looking for something to help to lighten the dark spot. What I found was a soap by Palmer’s that is apart of their skin success line. The bar is supposed to not only clean your face, but gradually fade out dark spots while helping  to even your skin tone.                                                              Skinsuccess crop


I have been using this product for probably close to a month now. I would have to say I am rather pleased with the results. I do feel like my dark spots have been lightening. I also feel like my skin has experienced next to no blemishes. It also really cuts down on the amount of oil in my skin. I have felt like my skin has been much clearer since I began using this product.

If you struggle with dark spots I would recommend trying this product. It does take a few weeks to see a difference, so patience is key with this. It is also great if you do experience oily skin. I felt like it helped control my oil and cut down on my blemishes tremendously.

The second product that I recently purchased was makeup remover towelettes by equate. They are an off brand that is  “compared to Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes”.

makeup wipes blog


I had never really used makeup removal whips before this. I used to just wash my face and leave it at that. I’m glad I decided to try these because they make all the difference in the world. I think using these gets the bulk of the makeup off, leaving your facial soap to be able to get a deeper clean. I feel like it has aided in minimizing the amount of blemishes I get when using makeup.

Overall I enjoy both of these products. I plan on making these both stable in my skin care regiment.

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