Longer Looking Lashes with no Falsies

I’m a mascara junkie. Well I’m a makeup junkie, but I am a sucker for a good mascara. I struggle with putting on fake lashes, so I’m always looking for a good volumizing mascara. It is not uncommon for me to use multiple mascaras together to get fuller looking lashes. That is exactly how I came across this awesome combo!

The two mascaras I paired together to get my desired look are Miss Manga by L’oreal and The Super Sizer by Cover Girl. Miss manga is pretty bomb by its self so paired with something else makes it just that much better.

Miss Manga and the super sizer longer fuller lashes

MIss manga and cover girl mascara for longer lashes without falsies

Ultimately both of these mascaras are supposed to give the same effect. They are both supposed to add volume to your lashes, but as you can see they have very different wands. Maybe that is why they work so well together to make the perfect lash.

miss manga and the super sizer lashes for super long lashes. Beauty Hack miss manga and the super sizer lashes for super long lashes.

One thing I will suggest when using this combo is using an eyelash comb to help keep the lashes separated. If you want to see a full review and demo, I did post a video over on my YouTube channel! I hope this little beauty hack can help a fellow falsie failure!


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Banana, Egg and Protein Pancakes

Weekends are my favorite days of the week. They are also a time when i have a bit more time to make a delicious breakfast. I am currently on a journey to live a healthier life so putting a healthy spin on classic breakfast dishes really helps me stay on track.

I’m constantly looking on Pinterest for new recipes. Instagram is surprisingly another place I find not only inspiration, but recipes. I got this pancake recipe right from Instagram, and it satisfied my need for a delicious, filling breakfast.  The best part is it only takes three ingredients and is super quick to make.

I used one whole banana, one egg, and about a half a scoop of vanilla protein. I topped my with some white chocolate peanut butter and a little drizzle of honey. YUM! I hope to do some more post about things I’m eating to help me live a healthier lifestyle. I have been experimenting quite a bit!

Bananas for protein pancakebanana & Egg for pankcakeBanana, Eggs, Protein pancake

Banana, Egg, Protein pancakes

Banana, egg, protein pancake, Healthy breakfast alternative.

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