The Great Debate: Changing My Last Name

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Deciding to marry my husband was a no brainer. Deciding to change my last name, the name I’ve been identified as for 20-something years, was not so easy. I never put much thought into it until it got closer to our wedding day. Suddenly the thought of giving up the name that I’ve been known by my whole life seemed crazy and impossible.

My last name is unique and is a part of who I am. My last name came from a line of strong people, and I feel passionate about my last name. Not to mention I was referred to by my last name or a shortened version by many of my high school friends. It is who I am. It is one of the last pieces I have of my father. With all those thoughts I really had to think long and hard about if I would keep my name, my identity or take on my husband’s.

My husband and I had been together for seven years before we got married. We have been through some serious life changes together. You know the saying ride  or die? Yeah, he is the epitome of that. No, we aren’t going out doing hood rat things with our friends, but he has weathered a lot of craziness since being with me. Not necessary within our relationship, but outside things that definitely tested it. Things that a weaker man may not have been able to handle, but that’s a whole other story.

I thought about it, I asked my mom about it, and I read articles about it. I truly kept going back and fourth. Finally, I thought about all of the things he has dealt with because of his love for me. I thought about all of the nice things he does for me. I’m not talking about buying me gifts. I mean those mornings I’m running late and tired and he makes my coffee. The cold midwest mornings when he goes outside and cleans off my car so I don’t have to. The way he just understands me and supports my dreams and visions.

I knew that for me that it would be a way of honoring him and returning the love he shows me every day. I will always be me, my name does not define me. So if you are like me and on the border of what to do about changing your name. Do what is in your heart. Whether you keep your maiden name, hyphenate, or take your husband’s name do what is best for you. The person you are will be the same either way.


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Elopement & Cabin Honeymoon at Robinwood Inn

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After seven years of being together my husband and I eloped! When we first got engaged we began planning a traditional wedding. I quickly realized that it was way more stress than I was willing to deal with. It still took us a while to realize that eloping was the best option for us, but I’m so happy we finally did.

Contrary to what some people think, it did take some planning. We planned for about two and a half months. We secured our venue, honeymoon cabin, and photographer pretty quickly. It didn’t take me long to find my dress either. The planning was relatively quick and painless.Elopement, wedding, budget friendly wedding, wedding on a budget, why you should elopeWe opted for a wedding in a little chapel. It was just us, the officiant, and the photographer. The ceremony its self was short, sweet, and honestly kind of surreal. It’s crazy to think you walk in technically single by law, and walk out as one. Cabin, honey moon, robinwood inn, brown county, indiana
For our little honeymoon getaway we stayed at the Robinwood Inn in Brown County Indiana. The property consists of five cabins. We chose to stay in the Tree Top cabin. This place was so beautiful and peaceful. They have chickens that greeted us at the door of our cabin, miniature horses, and the owners have a friendly dog that roams around sometimes.Cabin, honey moon, robinwood inn, brown county, indianaCabin, honey moon, robinwood inn, brown county, indianaThe whole goal of Robinwood Inn is to feel like you are away from the hustle and bustle of life.  There is no formal check in. They leave your keys in your cabin ready for you, and then you leave them there upon your departure. The owners leave you to  enjoy your stay and you quite possibly may not see them during your stay. They do make their contact information readily available if you do need them. 
Cabin, honey moon, robinwood inn, brown county, indianaCabin, honey moon, robinwood inn, brown county, indianaMy favorite part was the hot tub. The hot tub was reason enough for me to not want to leave the cabin at all. Lucky there were local shops and eateries not far in downtown Brown County for when we did decide to part with the hot tub.Cabin, honey moon, robinwood inn, brown county, indiana , hot tubCabin, honey moon, robinwood inn, brown county, indiana , gigi cupcakes, wedding cake

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