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Author L.A. Casey, Until Harry, Romance novel, slow burn romance This book came at a perfect tme. I wanted to start implementing “BookWorm Wednesday”, and this book is the perfect first book. I downloaded Until Harry on a whim because there was an audible version I could listen to at work. It just so happens that I bought this book on the day that it released.

I’ve never read anything by L.A. Casey so I had no preconceived¬†expectations. Let’s just say if I had, they would have been blown out of the water. This is the story of Lane and Kale. They are from York and have been best friends since birth.

Harry, the book’s namesake, is Lane’s uncle. He is one of Lane’s biggest confidantes. Due to Lane’s unrequited love for Kale and the loss of a very close friend, she decides to move to New York City. During her time in New York she cuts off all of her family except for her uncle Harry. She goes six years without speaking to them until Harry’s death. In light of his death she travels home for the first time since she left.

There is so much in between and after, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. L.A. Casey does a phenomenal job of going from past to present to explain the depth of Lane and Kale’s relationship. Her details and the story she weaves is that of a seasoned storyteller.

I’m a sucker for a good friends to lover story, and this is one of the absolute best I have read. There were times I felt my throat choaking up ¬†while I tried to fight tears from forming. This story will take you on an emotional roller coaster in many ways. It is 100% wortht the ride.

This book was a 5/5. No question.



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