Fire & Brimstone By R.L. Mathewson | Book Review

FIre & Brimstone R.L. Mathewson, book review, romance novel, rom com, If you are a bookworm then you probably have those authors that you buy every one of their books as soon as they come out. R.L. Mathewson is one of those authors for me.

Fire & Brimstone is the latest book in her Neighbor from Hell series. This series is based around the Bradford family. A family of men that have bottomless pits for stomachs, and knack for driving women crazy…literally.

The latest installment is Lucifer’s story. Lucifer owns the restaurant Fire & Brimstone, which he has banned his family from due to their insatiable appetites. Lucifer has earned his namesake. He is a gruff man that can have the tendency to send his staff off crying or worse quitting altogether.

Then there is Rebecca his Achilles heel. Where others run and hide she defies him at every turn. He tries to fire her on a regular basis, but she ignores him and continues to push his buttons. Rebecca has a sickness that has been plaguing her since she was a child but after many years of doctors telling her it is all in her head she’s given up hope of finding out what is wrong with her. Lucifer’s brother is a doctor and he insists that Rebecca lets his brother try one last time to figure out what is wrong with her.

Their story is full of hilarious scenes that will make you laugh out loud. Mathewson always has a unique story that doesn’t fall into the typical romance storyline. Seeing the progression of Lucifer with Rebecca is sweet. Nothing like seeing a brute of a man with a soft spot for his lady.

If you like a good romance with a lot of humor this book is for you. Really all of the Neighbor from Hell books are worth a read. I give this book a 5/5 because in my eyes R.L. Mathewson does no wrong when it comes to romance and comedy.


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