Tied By Carina Cole | Book Review

A broken Princess Rescued by her Unconventional Prince.

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Sleep, who needs sleep? Is it the best idea to stay up most of the night reading an author’s latest release? Maybe not, but in this case, it was worth every second.

Tied is the second book in Carina Cole’s Devils Wolves Series. It pulls at your heart strings as much, if not more than Torn, the first book in the series.

Tyler, who survived severe burns to his face and body and a damaged vocal cord, lives in seclusion in the woods. He’s long since lost his friends and has limited contact with his family. One day as he was walking through the woods around his home he discovered her.

Holly was abducted when she was eight. Ten years passed before Tyler stumbled upon her and her dog Poppy. From the moment she saw him from the dark hole there was a connection. Her prince had come to save her just like she always knew he would.

Holly goes to live in an inpatient facility to learn how to live as an adult and attend therapy for the terrible things she endured over the last ten years. Her strained relationship with her parents leaves Holly feeling more alone than she did with “the bad man”. All the while she wonders when her prince will come back for her. She knows that he with him she can have a happily ever after.

Holly found both Tyler and her lost dog in the same woods that he found her. Due to his vocal cord injury, Tyler rarely speaks. That doesn’t stop Holly from talking to him. He can’t resist the beautiful blond that looks at him like he’s just like everyone else. Not with pity or disgust like so many people had. From there a beautiful friendship develops.

Seeing Tyler and Holly grow and heal each other is a true treat. Carina Cole writes in a way that has your heart feeling what the characters are feeling. They are both so scarred inside and out, but their scars and their past are what connects them. Both feel like misfits in the real world, but when together it feels like home.

If you enjoy, friends to lovers and a bit of a slow burn then this book is a must. If you have a tender heart you may want to grab the tissues. This was truly one of the most beautiful and unique love stories I’ve ever read. It deserves more than 5/5, but since that’s as high as we go, here 5/5 it is.







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