Sneak Peak of What Skylar Needs on Wattpad

What does Skylar have up his sleeve to deal with Candace?

I thought I’d do a little sneak peak of the next chapter for What Skylar Needs. This is just a snippet to get you excited for the next update over on Wattpad. What Skylar Needs is an interracial enemies to lovers romantic comedy that features a plus-size heroine. If you haven’t read the rest of the story you can click here to read the full thing. 

Skylar watched as Melanie’s Uber drove away. He cursed out loud at the whole situation. He’d finally found a girl that he wanted to be better for and Candace had found a way to mess it up. He’d hoped that she had seriously backed off since he hadn’t heard from her, but clearly, she had been scheming.

He turned and made his way into the building. He knew that if he didn’t step in Candace would never stop. She seemed to think that if she couldn’t have him then no one would, especially not Melanie. She appeared to have a personal vendetta against her. Skylar scrolled through his contacts until he got to Brendon’s number.

“What up bro?”

“Nothing, well everything. I need your computer skills. I’ll explain later.”

“Okay, should I be concerned?”

“Nope, once you help me all will be well.”

“Alright then, I’ll be over tonight.”

Back in his apartment Skylar started to brainstorm his plan. He didn’t want to play dirty, but Candace left him no choice. She forgot who she was messing with and how much he knew about her. She had a way of telling all of her deep dark secrets after a romp in the sheets. Her own words were about to come back to bite her in the butt.

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